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Welcome to Mountain View-Los Altos Challenge Team

The MVLA Challenge Team builds meaningful community partnerships to support the success of children, youth and families in the cities of Mountain View, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. The Challenge Team brings together leaders from school districts, city and county services, parent and student groups, and other non-profit organizations to serve youth and strengthen our community.   

The Challenge team has been meeting monthly since 1987 to collaborate, build relationships, address challenges, reduce duplication of services and explore opportunities to share resources that ultimately foster healthy youth development for all kids in our area. The group focuses on ways to prevent negative behaviors and honor students for the good work they are doing while staying abreast to deter local gang activity, alcohol and drug use.


TWO 2023 Adult Champions this year!

* Ellen Wheeler, League of Women Voters, Strong Start, SCCOE.

*Ted Lempert,
President, Children Now

Youth Champion 2023
Ava Keshavrzi, MVHS


Enjoy Summer...see you August 3..

Donate to those in need if you are able!