Welcome to the Mtn. View/Los Altos/Los Altos Hills
Challenge Team website
 picture of Gay Krause

The Challenge Team began in 1987 as a response to the “challenge’ presented to California’s cities by the California State Attorney General’s office.  Our local team has been inspired since 1987 to support and create programs to help our youth make positive decisions and live healthy lives.  Now, as then, our youth face challenges including violence, diversity and substance abuse. 

Our committed team of individuals from our participating organizations meets at least monthly at 7 A.M., a real commitment for our 50-60 volunteers who work directly with youth, either in their paid job positions or in their many charitable activities.  Our team members collaborate to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related problems, including gang prevention strategies.  We have a sister organization that we helped found in Sunnyvale, California.   We are planning to expand the Challenge Team network in the coming years in other California locations and beyond.

We have received several awards during the past few years including the Santa Clara County Humanitarian Award, the John Gardner Community Award, and recently the Spark award from Project Cornerstone, a non-profit agency who is based on the 41 developmental assets.  These assets are those defined as the assets needed by youth to be healthy and successful in the current 21st century environment.

We believe that working together we can make a difference for our youth of today and for the health and productivity of our community’s future.

Please come join us at our monthly meetings.  We generally meet the second Thursday of the month, but check the calendar website as some meetings have been changed due to local school schedules that affects our members.

We are excited to have this informative website for our community to aid in communication with our participating organizations and for educating the public about challenges for our local youth!

Warm Regards,
Gay Krause