Impact of the MVLA Challenge Team on the Local Community and its Youth 

·         Mtn View Police Department:    

Through the Challenge Team, we were able to connect four police officers with the YMCA.  They will be coaching an MVPD-sponsored basketball team for 5th and 6th graders.

·         MVWSD Board member:   

The joke is that it’s called “Challenge Team” because it’s a “challenge” to get up so early in the morning for our monthly meetings.   But, I am always glad I attended, because I always learn something new and useful about youth that deepens my understanding.   Then we all fan out into the community to share information and contacts.  

·         Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital doctor:  

After I attend Challenge Team Meetings, I bring back ideas and events for youth to share with other adolescent medicine MDs and staff who work with our local youth.   It’s also been a good opportunity to share with the community via the Challenge Team, updates on youth-related events that the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital is involved in.   

·         Mountain View Library staff

Relationships forged at the Challenge Team meetings led to:

o   Issuing “virtual” library cards to all high school students in the MVLA district.

o   Mobile library stops at elementary schools in Mountain View

o   Promotion of summer reading to all students through district distribution lists

o   Passed lots of valuable information about current issues learned at Challenge Team meetings on to the youth staff at the Library.   

o   Provided the opportunity to inform the larger community about what we are doing at the MV Library. 

·         Mentor Tutor Connection member:   

The gathering at the Mountain View Library was a good opportunity for networking and collaboration and volunteer recruitment. The 
Mountain View Police Department's Cops and Gobblers annual food basket event is a wonderful opportunity for mentors and youth to do community service. Challenge Team provided the impetus for both the Mountain View Values Youth and the Los Altos/Los Altos Hills Community Values Youth initiatives. I always learn a lot from the presenters at our meetings. 

·         City of Mountain View Recreation Department:  

Connections to other organizations, ideas of trainings to offer to my staff.  Share our programs with the Challenge Team.  Increase knowledge of programs available to youth.

·        Los Altos Rotary member:  

The sharing of information and programs are a wonderful source of information about youth issues and how these issues are being addressed.   The relationships formed at the Challenge Team meetings have made it possible to form a Los Altos/Los Altos Hills Community Values Youth initiative.  

·         Bill Wilson Center – Quetzal House staff:   

Through my participation on the Challenge Team, I have been able to make connections with local agencies, events and activities that are helpful to the youth in the group home for community involvement and engagement.  

·        Reach Potential Movement staff:  

The monthly Challenge Team gatherings are a source of inspiration and information and leave me energized to continue our efforts to support youth.   The Challenge Team provides Reach Potential with invaluable partnership, networking and collaboration so that we can multiply our impact on behalf of youth in our community.