Challenge Team
Summer Learning Initiative
Proposal Approved by the Challenge Team September 10, 2015

Image result for image of junior high latino student studyingThe MVLALAH Challenge Team is leading an initiative to get as many students who could benefit from summer learning programs to attend appropriate programs in 2016.  This will be a collaborative effort with the following organizations:

The reason for this initiative is twofold:  1) Too many students suffer from summer learning loss  (many of whom are already falling behind during the normal school year); and 2) It was noted at the June 2015 Challenge Team meeting that a number of local summer programs had available open seats.

sli imageNext Steps – as of the September 10th Challenge Team meeting:

Click here for an overview and update of the initiative

Click here for the Provider Organization Information Survey

Click here for the Provider Program Information Survey

For more information, to help on the initiative, contact: