Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How may I get involved with the Challenge Team?

A:   The Challenge Team brings together representatives of community organizations that serve at-risk youth and their families in Mountain View, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills.   The monthly meetings are open and we often have visitors who want to see the Challenge Team in action or are thinking about joining the Challenge Team.   We ask that you arrive a couple minutes early to get settled.   At the start of each meeting we ask each attendee to state their name and affiliation.   If you want to join the Challenge Team, contact Gay Krause, Challenge Team Chairperson.  Telephone (650) 949-7113     Email:

Q:  How may my organization make a presentation or announcement at a Challenge Team meeting?

A:   At Challenge Team monthly meetings there is usually time at the end of each meeting for an organization to make a 2-minute announcement of an event or program that will be of interest to Challenge Team members.   To find out the next availability to present to the Challenge Team, contact Gay Krause, Challenge Team Chairperson.  Be prepared to provide a brief description as to why Challenge Team members will want to hear your remarks. 

Q:  What types of programs, events are of interest to the Challenge Team members and may be listed and/or referenced on the CT website and calendar?

A:   The calendar maintained on the Challenge Team website is intended for use by Challenge Team member organizations.   Members may email information on special events of your organization to Gay Krause, Challenge Team Chairperson, to be posted on the calendar. (Challenge Team does not post regularly sceduled meetings or activities for member organizations)   The calendar entry submissions should include name of event, date, time, location, contact organization and contact person.   The entry may include a link to another site or pdf that includes more information on the event. 

Q:  How may my organization provide information on events/programs that will be of interest to Challenge Team members?

A:  There are a couple ways to make information on an event or program available to Challenge Team members.  

1)      Come to a Challenge Team meeting and make a 2-minute announcement at the end of the meeting.   You may bring informational flyers to pass out at the meeting.   Send an email to Gay Krause to let her know you want to be included in the announcement section at the end of the meeting. 

2)      Post your special event on the Challenge Team website Calendar.   See the response to the above question.

Q:  How can I learn about volunteer opportunities with a Challenge Team member organization?

A:  Most Challenge Team member organizations have volunteer opportunities for volunteers.   See the Participating Organizations web page for website and contact information on the member organizations.  

Q:  What are your guidelines for submitting photos and flyers to the Challenge Team website? 

A:  For Photo submissions:   Ensure no children under age 18 are included in the photo unless there is written permission from the child’s parent/guardian.    Photo images should be of jpeg (.jpg) format.

For Event or Program “Flyers” or Information:  Should contain dates, times, locations, purpose of the event/program, expected audience/attendees, contact for more information.   They may be provided in pdf or doc format.  If provided in .doc format, the document will be moved to pdf format before posting on the website.

Q: I have questions about the website, who do I contact?

A:  Contact the webmaster at with technical or content questions.

This website has generally been reviewed on: Firefox 19.0, IE 8.0.6001.18702, Chrome 25.0.1364.67m, Opera (for Windows 7) 12.14 and Safari (For Windows) 5.1.7.  If a user is having trouble viewing the website, consider updating your version of the browser.  Note that no mobile device considerations have been taken at this time (future upgrade planned).

Q: Does Challenge Team do fundraising/take monitary donations?

A:  In general Challenge Team does not do fundraising or get many monitary donations.  Most of the participating organizations do need and want donations.  See the list of participating organizations via the left menu of this website.  If further questions contact Gay Krause, Challenge Team Chairperson.  Telephone (650) 949-7113    Email:

Q: How do I request an event be put on the Challenge Team calendar?

A: The calendar has Challenge Team meetings and events and dates for programs we specifically participate in. School breaks for MVWSD, MVLA, LASD, Foothill and St Francis are also listed (through the current school year). One can request other events be added to the calendar by submitting this form here.  The event will appear on the calendar soon or you will receive a reply from the web calendar moderator.